What is Gilding ?

Gilding is the name given to the process of laying gold leaf onto furniture or frames. The process of gilding, or applying fine gold leaf to a solid surface, has changed little since the 18th century. It is popular in the refurbishment of both interiors and exteriors as it provides a special finishing touch to the project and can deliver the wow factor that customers are looking for.

We undertake paint gilding of many interior projects including gilded celings.
Water Gilding
Traditional water gilding is more expensive in labour, but creates a beautiful finish. We gild in real and imitation leaf depending on our clients budget. As well as the traditional gold; silver, platinum, palladium, copper, aluminium and brass are also available
Gilding can be applied to many aspects within your home to give a traditional and classical style and feel. In recent years gilding of furniture has become popular.
The names indicate the method by which the metal leaf is applied to the surface. Oil gilding is the cheaper and easier method for applying gold leaf. The advantage of oil gilding is that it can be applied to any smooth non-porous surface, so a piece of furniture, or a frame, only needs to be painted beforehand
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